Serial burglar costs Houston used car lot owner thousands of dollars

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Thursday, October 21, 2021
Serial burglar costs used car lot owner thousands of dollars
Desmond Kelvin said he moved his business for safety. But since then, he says it's been broken into four times by the same person.

HOUSTON, Texas (KTRK) -- A business owner in Houston's southeast side is hoping to get the person who stole cheap car parts from his shop off the streets.

Desmond Kelvin said he moved his used car shop to Cullen Boulevard from Scott Street for safety.

"The breaking in [it] was too much in that neighborhood. It made me move," Kelvin explained.

But at least four times, vehicles at the business known as Elegant Cars were broken into. Kelvin said it's the same thief - and he has the video to prove it.

On Wednesday morning, surveillance video showed a Black man busting out the driver's side window of one of the vehicles to steal parts. Kelvin said the man arrived at the lot in a silver PT Cruiser.

According to Kelvin, the crook knew what was in the van from prior visits - he's broken in, popped the hood & stolen batteries. The batteries are cheap, but the window repair is not.

"He came [Wednesday] just for this," Kelvin noted. "I have to put brand new glass, a label for when someone visits. I know I'm going to spend close to $500 for each broken window."

The multiple burglaries have cost him thousands of dollars.

Now, after moving his car lot for safety, Kelvin hopes the next move is this serial burglar being caught by Houston police - who are investigating the incidents.

"They're going to get him, they will," he said.

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