Houston violent crime down 10% so far in 2022 compared to same time in 2021, HPD data shows

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Thursday, September 1, 2022
HPD crime data shows assaults, robberies, sex assaults are down
Houston police offered glowing results from crime data, showing that certain incidents have gone down. But HPD and city council still caution that the work isn't necessarily complete.

HOUSTON, Texas (KTRK) -- In a presentation to the Houston City Council on Wednesday morning, the Houston Police Department went council district by district, reporting a 10% overall drop in violent crime citywide compared to this time in 2021.

"Robbery, down 7%. Sexual assault, down 28%. Grand total violent crime is down 10%. The numbers don't lie. They tell the truth, and this is what we want to do," HPD Chief Troy Finner said.

District E saw the smallest drop in violent crime at 4%, while District B saw the most significant decrease at 15%.

"Where we're starting is today to see where we were last year, and we are lower than last year. So, that's a step in the right direction. So, then, we have to take another step to try to get lower than that," Edward Pollard, the council member representing District J, said.

City leaders agree that crime is trending in the right direction six months into the One Safe Houston initiative. They, too, acknowledge that this progress doesn't get us back to where we were crime-wise before the pandemic.

"If the numbers were already high in 2021, they might still be up a little bit. So it's good to have a little bit more of a historical perspective," Sallie Alcorn, at large position 5, said.

"This conversation goes beyond just last year. Last year was crazy...but we're not better than we were four years ago, and that's not for lack of trying," Mary Nan Huffman of District G added.

It is important to note that the decreases announced on Wednesday are compared to eight months of one of the highest years for violent crime in Houston in decades.

Consider murders, for example. In 2019, there were 280 murders reported. But that number increased in 2020, with 400 reported. In 2021, there were 465 murders reported. So far, in 2022, there have been 276 murders.

That means in just eight months of 2022, we've had almost as many murders as we had throughout 2019.

"Just me and my baby live here. It was a lot of shootings, every side of the apartment," explained a woman who lives at the Cabo San Lucas Apartments on the southeast side.

ABC13 went back to the Cabo San Lucas Apartments off the Gulf Freeway.13 Investigates found this area to have the most crime-ridden block from January 2020 through March 2021.

"At nighttime, don't walk in here. They are going to rob you 100%," Jose Colón, who has lived at the complex for 12 years, said.

Some people who live there told ABC13 that thanks to a recent change in management and an increase in police patrols, they aren't as scared anymore.

Do you feel safe here now? ABC13 asked Colón, to which he responded, "Now? Yeah, it's better. I am happy now."

That apartment complex is part of District I, which has seen an 8% drop in violent crime this year compared to January through August 2021.


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