Selena, rainbow jerseys and trash cans: These Astros shirts are ready for gameday

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Tuesday, November 2, 2021
Selena, rainbow jerseys, trash cans: Astros shirts ready for gameday
You know they hate us because they ain't us! Here are T-shirts to show your Astros pride for the World Series and beyond.

HOUSTON, Texas (KTRK) -- The Houston Astros don't have to be in the World Series (though we're glad they are) for you to show your love for the team or the city.

Whether you need to look fly for baseball season, year-round or just want to send that daily reminder that the opposition only hates us because they ain't us, here are some T-shirts to help you out.

Some are even from local Houston businesses. Just keep shipping times in mind and note that your gear might arrive after we win a second title. See what we did there?

In Framber we trust

Astros pitcher Framber Valdez was "en fuego" for the squad in Game 5 of the American League Championship Series. Now you can wear some fire gear honoring the left-handed hurler.

Valdez has partnered with Houston's State Line Designs to create the Estamos Activos tee just for the postseason.

Do it for the Dome

Dorothy clicked her heels in the "Wizard of Oz" because she knew there was no place like home.

Now clap your hands for the Astros because there's no place like the Astrodome, and you can rock a T-shirt to prove it.

The Houston-inspired company OG 713 drew up this "There's no place like Dome for the holidays" shirt. Perfect for the postseason, Thanksgiving and whatever holidays you celebrate.

H-Town, hold it down

While this top from 713 Shirts doesn't boast an Astros logo, there'll be no doubt you put on for the city and your team.

The 713 Texas Rainbow shirt not only is a nod to our famous area code, but also features those iconic rainbow colors we love to see on the Astros' uniforms.

Us vs. all y'all

Some Houston fans are really owning the us versus everyone mentality after a long season of jeers and boos from fans of opposing teams.

We recognize it's because of the sign-stealing scandal, and now someone has immortalized those infamous trash cans on a T-shirt.

The Hou Hate Us shirt features a trashcan where the "O" in Hou would be.

"No amount of banging from haters can take us away from HTX Houston, Texas, home of the best baseball team. This is our year to show everyone H-Town are true winners again without banging a trash can," reads the description from the Amazon seller.

'Nuff said.

Anything for Selena and the Astros

The best of both worlds collide for Selena and Astros fans in this tee from the DesignsByEricUS shop on Etsy.

It's not a shirt about shaking off the haters, but if you're with someone who doesn't like this, that's a red flag, and they aren't for you!

Tell me you're throwing Southern shade without telling me you're throwing Southern shade

If you're from here or have lived in the South any amount of time, you know "bless your heart" can express genuine sympathy, but it really just depends on the tone.

Since we're talking about our haters here, this version of the iconic phase is chock full of sass, and we've got just the thing.

This Etsy shop is now selling a "Bless All Y'alls Hatin' Hearts" shirt complete with the Astros logo. But it is low in stock.

Bless your heart if you miss out.

To Boston, with love

We know we packed up the dirty laundry and sent the Boston Red Sox home in the ALCS, but we just couldn't let this shirt from Houston's Running Game Clothing Co. slide by.

The shirt says "Catch These L's Sincerely, H-Town" and features a red sock as the L.

It's available now for pre-sale.

This is by no means an exhaustive list. For more tees and gear, check out this full list from our partners at CultureMap Houston and shake off the haters with this list from our partners at the Houston Chronicle.

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