Tenants ask for answers amid 'mass evictions' at 2 southeast Houston properties

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Wednesday, October 11, 2023
Tenants ask to look into 2 Houston-area apartments
Tenants in two Houston-area apartments are calling on the city council to investigate what they say have been longstanding issues with a property.

HOUSTON, Texas (KTRK) -- In the midst of what advocates are calling "mass evictions," tenants of two southeast Houston apartment complexes, both off of the Gulf Freeway, called on the city council Tuesday to investigate what they say have been long-standing issues with property management and the housing programs that placed many of them there.

Data from advocacy group Texas Housers shows 248 eviction cases have been filed at the Cabo San Lucas, and 117 have been filed at the Redford apartments over the last 12 months. Taylor Laredo of Texas Housers said the numbers piqued the group's interest because they are unusually high.

"Help us hold (property management) accountable. At some point, they're going to have to take their hand out of the cookie jar," Frederick Mims, a Redford resident, asked the city council.

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Residents offered several explanations for the evictions but ultimately said they believe poor management, frequent ownership, and management changes have compounded pre-existing issues.

There have been so many issues with the two properties that 13 Investigates found the city deemed them "nuisances" last year - entering into agreements promising to improve living conditions and safety for residents. However, those agreements were voluntary, and both properties have already changed owners.

"These people have dropped the ball on us," Redford resident Samantha Moody told ABC13.

The agreements show there were almost 1,300 calls for police at the Cabo San Lucas and nearly 1,680 at the Redford from Jan. 1, 2022, to Nov. 22, 2022. Many calls were for violent crimes such as murder, rape and robbery.

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"I'm tired of being afraid for my life," Redford resident Natisha Myles said. "I am thankful for receiving a place of shelter, but a bullet has no eyes and goes through walls."

Moody said she has been a victim of violent crime at the Redford twice. She was placed there through a supportive housing program. She and others want to know why they were sent somewhere the city has known is untenable.

"Why is the money going to properties that keep tenants in these conditions?" Laredo asked.

In a statement, a spokesperson for the Redford apartments wrote:

"The wellbeing and safety of our residents is the top priority for the entire staff at The Redford.

Our team is working aggressively to coordinate repairs and renovations. In the last few months, several improvements have been made, including replacing condensing units, cleaning up overgrown trees and debris, as well as adding more lighting. In the coming weeks, repairs to staircases and perimeter gates will occur.

We are working closely with the Houston Police Department to address safety concerns. In addition, we have added four security guards who are onsite 24/7, as well as two roving off-duty officers onsite daily.

We recognize evictions are always difficult, no matter the circumstances. We take the issue very seriously. However, we have only issued evictions to residents who are severely delinquent making their rent payments."

The Cabo San Lucas apartments have yet to respond to ABC13's inquiry. The number on their website rings a few times before being sent to a voicemail with a man's voice simply stating, "Hello."

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