Vehicles found with holes drilled in gas tanks in Galveston

GALVESTON, Texas (KTRK) -- A single person may be linked to holes found drilled in gas tanks on multiple vehicles in Galveston.

Jonathan Chumley, who works at an auto shop on the island, told ABC13 that he noticed the holes on at least three vehicles that came through the business.

According to Chumley, the holes appear to have about the same size. He said one vehicle was vandalized at the La Quinta Inn by 14th Street; at Inverness By the Sea on 76th and Seawall; and on a Rent-A-Center vehicle on 61st and Central City.

He mentions the repairs for this type of damage are pricey.

Both League City and Galveston Police say they have each had a report about a vehicle where there was a hole drilled into the gas tank.

Karen Lufsey works in League City. She said she left work on October 19 around 4:30 pm. She got in her SUV and smelled gas. Her husband discovered a hole drilled in her gas tank.

"I mean, it's awful. I was at work when it happened, trying to make a living and somebody out there is just stealing and scamming. So it's awful," said Karen Lufsey.
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