'The guilt falls on the teacher': Mom says daughter struggling after alleged abuse by HISD teacher

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Tuesday, August 15, 2023
Student allegedly abused by HISD teacher was center of Amber Alert
One of two students, who were allegedly sexually abused by Abdurahman Milani, was the center of an Amber Alert about the same time.

HOUSTON, Texas (KTRK) -- A Marshall Middle School teacher accused of having inappropriate exchanges and encounters with two of his female students has been released from jail.

Abdurahman Milani, 27, is charged with sexual assault of a child, improper relationship with a student, online solicitation of a minor, and indecency with child sexual contact.

ORIGINAL REPORT: Math teacher at HISD middle school accused of having sexual relationships with 2 of his students

Charging documents said he was exchanging sexual messages and photos with the 14-year-old female students on Instagram. He and one of the teens allegedly engaged sexually on more than one occasion inside his classroom during school hours.

One of the alleged victim's mothers said her daughter has been in therapy weekly since these allegations came to light.

"The therapist is always telling her it's not her fault," the mother said in Spanish. "The guilt falls on the teacher. He is an adult."

The woman, whose identity is not being shared to protect her daughter, said she noticed her behavior changed during this improper relationship with Milani.

At the time, her mother did not know about the situation.

She also noticed that her daughter was doing significantly worse in math than in her other courses.

"He was saying she wouldn't have any issues at the end of the year passing the class if she had sexual relations with him," the mother said in Spanish.

The school found out what was going on from the other teen's mother and started investigating. Numerous people interviewed both girls about the allegations.

This woman's daughter underwent a forensic interview, described in charging documents as "emotional." The following Monday, she went missing from school and was the subject of an Amber Alert. She was found two days later. The circumstances surrounding her disappearance are unclear.

"When they found her, she was not the same," the woman said. "She was only crying. I asked her several times if she was OK. She never answered. She felt embarrassed."

The woman said her daughter does not want to go to school anymore because she does not feel safe.

"Because of court, everyone is talking about it again, and she doesn't want to know anything about the guy," the mother said.

In a statement last week, Houston ISD said that Milani was immediately suspended when they were made aware of the allegations, and he was removed from campus.

A spokesperson said that when an employee is charged in these cases, termination will be recommended to the board in their next meeting.

The board met last Thursday, the same day Milani was arrested. His profile was removed from Marshall Middle School's website the following day. ABC13 has asked HISD several times if he was terminated but has yet to receive a response.

Initially, Milani was facing seven charges related to this case, but three were dismissed, citing "duplicate filings."

The Texas Education Agency noted on its website that Milani is currently under review. According to the TEA, his teaching certification will still be active during the review because formal action has yet to be determined.

The 27-year-old hired a defense attorney and has yet to return ABC13's call for comment.

He is due back in court on Oct. 5.

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