Wage discrimination suit against HISD is just 'step one,' EEOC says

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Saturday, January 13, 2024
HISD lawsuit: EEOC alleges district for starting salary restrictions for female CTE program workers than male employees
The lawsuit states the victim began working as a senior CTE program specialist in February 2019. It also claims she was paid less than a male colleague who began at the same time but had less work experience in an educational setting.

HOUSTON, Texas (KTRK) -- A lawsuit filed by the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission against HISD on Thursday alleges the state's largest district discriminated against certain female employees over starting salary pay.

ABC13 spoke further with EEOC regional attorney Rudy L. Sustaita, who would not comment on the reported attempt to settle the claims before the lawsuit.

Sustaita said the lawsuit was only "at step one" and that the EEOC was looking forward to the district's response.

The lawsuit alleges the victim started working as a senior program specialist for the Career & Technical Education department in February 2019.

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HISD's compensation code allows for a 2.5% pay increase over the starting salary for each year of related work experience. But the lawsuit alleges the victim was told to remove any work experience outside of an educational setting, while male counterparts were credited for virtually all types of work experience. It also alleges she received less pay than a male colleague who started at the same time, but had less work experience in an educational setting.

The lawsuit claims other females in the class of employees were discriminated against and seeks backpay, damages, and the elimination of the pay disparity.

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