Grab a workout buddy to keep your New Year's resolution on track

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It can be tough to stick to a workout routine, but grabbing a buddy can help you stay motivated and keep you accountable! (KTRK)

It's the New Year, and one of your goals might be to get into shape. It's not easy sticking to an exercise routine, but choosing to exercise with a partner may be your best bet. A partner will help keep you motivated and accountable.

You'll not want to let your partner down by not showing up, and they'll feel the same way for you. When looking for an exercise partner, find someone who has similar strengths and a schedule where they could work out at the same times as you.

Personal trainer and fitness expert Keridon McMahon came up with a workout routine that you can do with your partner. All you need is a medicine ball. For beginners, start with five pounds and work your way up from there.

  • Medicine Ball Hand-offs with Alternating Front Lunges: Stand facing your partner. Both of you get into a lunge position on your left leg, so that when you lunge, your legs won't hit. Make sure you're close enough to pass a ball to each other. Now, stand up. One person has the ball in their hands overhead. Simultaneously front lunge, and lower the ball to chest level, passing it along to your partner. Now, both stand up, bringing hands overhead (even if you don't have the ball), and lunge forward with the other leg.

  • Push-up Medicine Ball Rolls: Face each other in the push up position. Make sure you can both do a push up without your heads bumping. For beginners, do this on your knees. Both people are doing push-ups simultaneously. One person does a push up with the ball under their right hand and then rolls it forward to their partner. The partner does a push up and rolls it diagonally to the other partner. Repeat this forward/diagonal roll for 20 sets. For the next round, if you rolled forward, roll diagonally.

  • Medicine Ball Hand off Sit-ups: Lie down with feet on the ground in a push up position, feet to feet with your partner. One person holds the ball over their head. Come up into a sit up position and lower the ball with straight arms passing it to your partner. Then, the partner lowers bringing the ball over their head.

  • Medicine Ball Back to Back Twists: This may look easy, but it catches up to you! Stand back to back with your partner. One of you hold the medicine ball below chest level. Twist your body to the left and hand the ball over to your partner. Then, twist your body to the right to grab the ball from your partner. Repeat at a brisk pace.

  • Medicine Ball Slam Squats: With a few feet between you, stand facing your partner. One of you holds onto the ball, lifts it overhead, and slams the ball down to the ground towards your partner and finishing this movement with a squat. While one person is doing that, the other person is squatting simultaneously. Continue this squat toss cycle.

Try to do all of these exercises for 20 seconds as beginners, 30 seconds as intermediate, and if you're really advanced, go for a full minute.
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