Attempted robbery on armored truck ends in shootout in north Harris County, sheriff says

HARRIS COUNTY, Texas (KTRK) -- Authorities are looking for three men who tried to rob an armored truck and ended up in a shootout.

It happened Wednesday afternoon at the 800 block of FM 1960 at the Comerica Bank in north Harris County.

"I was so scared," said Maria Torres, who was in the Starbucks parking lot next door with a friend and her children. "That minute so many people (got) their phone and (started) recording. I was like, 'No, I have kids, I need to call (the) police right away.'"

Investigators said the suspects were driving a black Mercedes when the attempted robbery began. Dozens of shots were fired. The three suspects ran away on foot. It's unclear if anyone was hurt. FBI agents said they expect to release surveillance video soon, in hopes of helping to track down the suspects.

As for Torres, she is glad to be able to drive home with her kids.

"You don't know what's exactly going to happen. If it's going to be your last day. The best advice I can tell your family is to kiss your kids, because you never know if you will come back," she said.

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