Harris Co. Precinct 1 female deputy says she feels attacked by constable's dismissal from lawsuit

Constable Alan Rosen was dismissed from a civil lawsuit, but two of his supervisors remain as defendants.

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Friday, September 3, 2021
Deputy says constable allowed sexual assault to happen to her
Felicia McKinney, who sued Harris County Precinct 1 Constable Alan Rosen, said she was forced to be sexually assaulted undercover.

HOUSTON, Texas (KTRK) -- One of the four female deputies who say they were sexually assaulted while on duty in the Harris County Precinct 1 Constable's Office broke her silence Friday in the wake of a judge dismissing Constable Alan Rosen from a civil lawsuit.

Felicia McKinney identified herself as a sexual assault survivor when she weighed in on Rosen's dismissal.

Buoyed by attorneys Brock and Cordt Akers and Jacquelyn Aluotto, the woman credited as the whistleblower in the scandal, McKinney, who was the remaining voice yet to speak out over the lawsuit, said she felt "re-victimized" when she read Rosen's response to the dismissal. McKinney insists the case is not about money, but to shine light on what she said happened to her.

In August 2019, she said she was sent into a Massage Heights location in the 3000 block of West Holcombe Boulevard as an undercover officer. Precinct 1 was investigating a masseuse after a customer apparently reported being sexually assaulted during her service.

"I was ordered to go undercover to a massage parlor with a known rapist with the expressed purpose that I would be assaulted so that someone else wouldn't have to be the only victim," McKinney said Friday morning.

FULL VIDEO: Deputy speaks on Constable Rosen's dismissal from lawsuit

Felicia McKinney, a female deputy who sued Constable Alan Rosen and two supervisors for sexual harassment and assault, broke her silence. She was the only one of the four plaintiffs in the case who hadn't spoken out until now.

She said she too was assaulted and was then ordered to drive herself to the hospital for a sexual assault exam while Constable Rosen held a press conference.

"He knows what happened to me," McKinney said of Rosen, recalling the undercover operation she was involved in that led to her assault. "He intended it. He ordered it. And to hear him claim victory, he wouldn't be held personally accountable for something he's admitted to doing makes me feel attacked, unheard, and very alone."

Rosen expressed gratitude to the court in a statement shortly following his dismissal.

"As I have said before, I have full faith in the court's review of this motion," Rosen said. "I thank the court for its continued review of the law as it pertains to the motion to dismiss me from this matter and for granting the dismissal such that my full focus can remain on the needs of the residents of Precinct 1."

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A federal judge dismissed Constable Alan Rosen from a lawsuit alleging superiors in his office sexually harassed young female deputies.

McKinney and the other female deputies allege in the lawsuit that Rosen allowed the undercover operations within his Human Trafficking Unit to escalate into a "booze-fueled playground for sexual exploitation."

The women also alleged they "were molested and traumatized by their intoxicated male commanding officers for their own sexual gratification during undercover law enforcement operations."

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Attorneys say the lawsuit alleges that the women were chosen for undercover work that turned into a "booze-fueled playground for sexual exploitation."

Despite Rosen's dismissal, U.S. District Court Judge Kenneth M. Hoyt allowed the lawsuit to go forward with the remaining defendants, Assistant Chief Chris Gore and Lt. Shane Ridgon.

On Thursday, a couple of days after the dismissal, the constable didn't respond to questions about the lawsuit.

McKinney's attorneys took issue to the silence, saying in a statement:

"The Court ruled that our client's civil rights lawsuit moves forward against Harris County and the two high-ranking officials still actively working at Constable Rosen's office. While Alan Rosen has been able to protect his personal financial interests, his conduct is still very much a part of the lawsuit."

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