Good Vibes Only festival sheds light on mental health awareness in low-income communities

Wednesday, November 3, 2021
Good Vibes Only fest aims to promote mental health in low-income areas
GOOD VIBES ONLY! This festival was all about mental health and creativity. Take a look at the video above for some pictures from the event.

HOUSTON, Texas (KTRK) -- The 4th annual Good Vibes Only Houston Festival drew hundreds Saturday to north Houston, where a number of stars, local and national, took the stage for performances.

This year, festival organizers partnered with the National Association of Mental Health in an effort to shed light on mental health awareness in low-income communities.

It is all a continued effort on behalf of the festival's founder, Wale Adekoya, to echo his mission to educate and bring mental health therapy to low-income neighborhoods across Houston.

Adekoya says the festival serves as an escape for hundreds, especially as the country transitions out of the pandemic and live events continue rolling out.

The festival aimed to combine entertainment, culture, and community with a push for attendees to nurture their creative spirits in a therapeutic scene.

"It's not who has the most popular music. It's good vibes, good energy, good people," says Adekoya.

The event was headlined by international singer Burna Boy, but also celebrated local artists and Houston moguls like Slim Thug and Paul Wall.

"I see the turning of a tide in a certain way," said Paul Wall.

"When I grew up, it was an era of tough it out, and if you show any weakness, especially something on the inside, whether it was mental or emotional, it was looked at to be something weak," he added.

Adekoya says his goal with tying the festival to mental health awareness is to break that stigma in Black and brown communities when it comes to mental health care.

The goal is for growth to be a constant with the event and is excited to expand to multiple cities in the future.

Their plan is to go green next year with solar powered renewable energy.

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