Giant snapping turtle dubbed 'Chonkasaurus' spotted basking on Chicago River

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Friday, May 12, 2023
Giant snapping turtle dubbed Chonkasaurus spotted on Chicago River
There was a quite a sight on the Chicago River Wednesday when some locals caught sight a giant snapping turtle basking in the sun.

CHICAGO -- There was quite a sight on the Chicago River Wednesday!

A couple of locals out enjoying the warm weather and sunshine caught sight of another majestic beast doing the same, a giant snapping turtle.

Nicknamed "Chonkasaurus," he was lounging on some rocks and a big chain in the water.

Joey Santore shared video of Chonkasaurus on Twitter, writing, "Great to see this beast thriving here on what was once such a toxic river, but is slowly getting cleaned up & restored. Somebody planted a bunch of native plants up the river from here, too. I can only wonder this things been eating."

Santore said he spotted the turtle near Goose Island on the North Branch of the Chicago River.

Common snapping turtles can weigh more than 20 lbs. They're native to Illinois and can be found all over the state.