Stunned bats and frozen sea turtles saved after being affected by cold weather in Texas

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Wednesday, January 17, 2024
Stunned bats, frozen sea turtles saved after being affected by weather
As southeast Texas underwent back-to-back nights of freezing temperatures, wildlife in Houston and Galveston were saved from the cold weather.

HOUSTON, Texas (KTRK) -- A new video shows crews at the Houston Humane Society helping some of our flying friends get through the cold.

The nonprofit organization said as of Wednesday morning, 1,737 Mexican free-tailed bats were stunned by the frigid weather.

Officials said six different colonies in Houston were picked up during the cold and are getting nursed back to health.

"Nearly 1,800 bats have entered our care, and we need your help replenishing essential supplies such as syringes, blankets, heating pads, and more," the humane society said in an Instagram post.

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Down in Galveston, Texas, field teams with the Gulf Center for Sea Turtle Research rescued several of their shelled friends that were stunned by the cold weather.

When animals get stunned by the cold, they become weak and are more prone to health issues.

After over 36 hours below freezing in Texas, temperatures have finally warmed up Wednesday with sunshine.

ABC13 meteorologists forecast highs will be near 50 degrees on Wednesday and 70 degrees on Thursday. But, both Saturday and Sunday will have highs in the 40s - meaning wildlife will have to bear another chilly winter weekend.

If you see wildlife in need of help, call the Houston Humane Society's hotline at (713) 468-8972.

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