Murder trial moving forward for ex-HPD officer Gerald Goines who led botched drug raid in 2019

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Thursday, February 2, 2023
Murder trial moves forward for ex-HPD officer in 2019 botched raid
Almost four years after a botched raid, the trial for ex-HPD officer Gerald Goines will move forward, after a judge ruled against another motion.

HOUSTON, Texas (KTRK) -- The murder trial for disgraced Houston police officer Gerald Goines will be moving forward for now. A judge ruled against another motion filed by his defense attorneys to throw out the case.

Almost four years ago, Goines was the lead officer in a no-knock raid in Houston's East End.

Homeowners Dennis Tuttle and Rhogena Nicholas were shot and killed, five officers were injured, and Goines was charged with murder, accused of lying to get a warrant.

Last week, a Harris County judge upheld the two murder charges against Goines.

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Former HPD officer Gerald Goines was in back in court Thursday as attorneys argued that the murder indictment against him should be quashed, and if not, they would like a change of venue.

On Wednesday, defense attorneys brought up multiple issues. They're claiming prosecutors have been withholding evidence.

Prosecutors denied the claim and the judge ultimately agreed the allegations weren't strong enough to throw out the case.

Defense attorneys also claim extensive local media coverage and comments by the district attorney have made it impossible to seat a fair jury in Harris County. The judge did not make a decision on whether to change the trial venue, but did bring up multiple options to address the media issue.

The judge also brought up the possibility of individual jury selection, which could take several weeks and requires each potential juror to be interviewed individually. The process is usually reserved for death penalty cases, but is being used in the murder trial against A.J. Armstrong in another high profile local murder case.

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