Former manager behind 69 cents-a-gallon fiasco raises money to pay station back, but they said no

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Wednesday, June 22, 2022
Ex-gas station manager raises $24K to undo 69 cents-a-gallon mishap
A former gas station manager can't catch a break.

RANCHO CORDOVA, Calif. -- A former gas station manager can't catch a break.

Last week, a manager made a mistake at a Rancho Cordova gas station.

The manager messed up the decimal, listing gas for 69 cents-a-gallon instead of $6.99.

The mishap cost him his job and the gas station about $16,000.

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The manager who misplaced a decimal point at a California Shell gas station pricing premium gas for 69 cents a gallon has been fired.

The manager's family set up a GoFundMe account to pay the gas station back.

After a few days, it raised $24,000, but now the gas station doesn't want it.

According to a letter the manager provided to a local news station, the company said it never asked to be paid back and that the money should be returned or given to charity.

GoFundMe said if the gas station doesn't accept the money, all donated funds will be returned.