Friendswood ISD activities will resume after 'domestic issue' causes confusion among parents

Wednesday, May 24, 2023
Friendswood ISD outdoor activities to resume after 'family dispute'
Friendswood ISD said a domestic/family dispute prompted outdoor activities to be canceled but later added they can resume with police presence.

FRIENDSWOOD, Texas (KTRK) -- A day after a reported family dispute caused Friendswood ISD to cancel all outdoor activities for the remainder of the school year, the district said they will resume.

The initial vague information sparked concerns among parents who wanted clear answers to why the school needed to cancel outdoor activities.

"It was alarming because it was so vague. We didn't know," Todd Trlicek, a former police officer and current Friendswood ISD parent, said. "We immediately started digging into it, and making some calls."

Trlicek, who is now a private investigator, and his wife, a lawyer, were able to get some quick answers. They shared what they learned with other parents, who had very little information on Monday and most of Tuesday.

"It took me and my wife 15 to 20 minutes figuring what's going on, with a couple of phone calls. So I think it could have been handled with a little more information," Trlicek said.

ABC13 also reached out to various sources as well as law enforcement. We confirmed that Monday afternoon, League City police were called to the 200 block of Cedar Branch Drive to conduct a welfare check on a man. The man, who is married to a Friendswood ISD teacher, was arrested and charged three months ago with deadly conduct against a neighbor.

"In February of this year, we responded to that area, and a suspect, Jonathan Zetts, was arrested for deadly conduct, in an event where he presented a firearm to neighbors in that area," John Griffith, spokesperson for League City police, said.

Griffith could not confirm the exact nature of the call on Monday, but multiple sources told ABC13 that Zetts is currently undergoing a mental health evaluation.

Friendswood ISD would not confirm any of that information. However, this afternoon, it did issue an updated statement:

"Authorities have reported that the individual of concern has been contained, and we have been assured that it will be through the end of the school year. To maintain a secure environment for our students, we have arranged for a continued police presence on all Friendswood ISD campuses throughout the rest of this week.

Given this development, we are happy to announce that all outside activities will be allowed to resume immediately. Students can participate in scheduled events, including sports practices, recess, and other previously planned activities."

Initially, Friendswood ISD had released a vague statement, but on Tuesday morning, it posted an updated letter. While full details of the incident were not immediately shared, the district said the "dispute created a safety concern, possibly impacting our school district."

As a result of the ordeal, some parents kept their children home, while others let their kids go to school.

"The drop-off line was light this morning," Laura Middleton, whose child goes to Cline Elementary, said. "I sent my child to school, dropped him off, saw the superintendent, saw the teachers. I know a lot of parents kept their kids home."

The Trliceks sent their child to school, but remain unsatisfied with Friendswood ISD's lack of information. The former police officer believes some of the confusion could have been avoided.

"They were trying to do some damage control, I think," Trlicek said. "It's a tough job, I'm sure."

ORIGINAL REPORT: Friendswood ISD cancels recess, outdoor activities for rest of school year over 'domestic situation'