Families of 3 Fort Hood soldiers seek answers in their deaths

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Wednesday, July 15, 2020
Families want answers in deaths of Ft. Hood soldiers
A father describes his heart wrenching pain of working tirelessly to help find his son's killer.

KILLEEN, Texas (KTRK) -- Investigations are underway into the murder of three Fort Hood soldiers, but two do not have suspects under arrest.

Pfc. Brandon Rosecrans, 27, was found shot to death in Harker Heights next to his burned Jeep on May 18.

Thomas Berg Sr. said the day he found out his son had been killed was one of the worst days of his life.

"I promised him, if it took the last breath out of me, that I would find the person that hurt him."

Berg spends just about every waking moment on the phone in his home in Missouri trying to find answers in his son's murder.

"I'm OK as long as I'm working on the case, but as soon as I have to sit down and actually talk about my son in the human aspect, it tears my heart," Berg said.

Rosecrans joined the U.S. Army in 2018 and was eventually sent to Fort Hood. Berg has been working with the Harker Heights Police Department and said they have been very helpful.

Despite the criticism Fort Hood has faced over the last several weeks over their handling of misconduct allegations and the disappearances of their soldiers, Rosecrans' father said they have been an asset as well.

Berg said he believes the people outside of the base are the ones who pose the real threat to the men and women enlisted.

"These people prey on their life," Berg said. "They sit outside these bases and they know when these kids are paid."

Kim Wedel, the mother of Pvt. Gregory Morales who was also found dead near the Fort Hood base, agreed.

"It's almost to that point at several bases it's not safe to go out there," Wedel said from her home in Oklahoma.

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Morales was reported missing in August of 2019 and his remains were located in June during the search for the other missing Fort Hood soldier, Spc. Vanessa Guillen.

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Wedel said while her family, the Guillen family and the family of Rosecrans are all on a similar journey right now, it is still challenging to find words to say to the others. She has been in touch with both families.

She said she combs through social media constantly looking for the piece of the puzzle that will find her son's killer.

"I think that's what all three families' lives are like," Wedel said. "You're afraid you're going to miss that one clue that comes in. It's sad if you do find something. It's sad if you don't."

Tuesday, Killeen police said there was not an update to share in the investigation into Morales' murder.

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