Five months after Harvey, Houston woman says she can't get her debris picked up

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Debris sits piles up on a Houston city street. (KTRK)

The six-month anniversary of Hurricane Harvey is approaching, but on one Houston street, it looks like yesterday.

Piles of debris stack up outside Stacey Paris' home. There's so much, she can hide behind it all.

When she gives direction, she just tells people to come down and look for the pile of debris.

Stacey's house got a few feet of water during Harvey. All the debris is from her rebuilding efforts and she says its been on the curb for months. Her civic association was sending her nasty letters to get rid of it.

"They want the debris removed," Paris said. "I do too."

She checked with a contractor. He'd charge $1,200 to haul it off. The city's already paying for one, though. She shouldn't have to do it. Stacey said she called the city dozens of times.

"I've been calling since mid-October," she said. "I call on a weekly basis. The last couple week, three to four times."

When we checked 311 records, it didn't show up on their map. The city's solid waste department told us they'd put her on a list and send trucks out.

Sure enough, the trucks showed up and the pile is gone.

Stacey is thrilled.

"Oh my God," she said. "It's incredible."

Now, thanks to those trucks, she can look out her window without seeing a reminder of that awful storm.

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