Multiple fireworks thrown at Katy family's home twice in 2 weeks

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Thursday, July 1, 2021
Multiple fireworks thrown at Katy family's home twice in 2 weeks
What sounded like shots fired, turned out to be someone lighting fireworks and throwing them at a home. But the victim said this was not the first time.

KATY, Texas (KTRK) -- A Katy family does not understand why their home has been hit by lit fireworks twice in two weeks.

Shahz Khan said he was awake at 2:30 a.m. Sunday when a 15- to 20-second explosion went off at his front door. He told ABC13 he thought shots were being fired into his home in the Morton Creek Ranch neighborhood.

"My parents have the room right in front of the door, so it felt like someone was literally shooting into their room," Khan said. "I couldn't do anything until it stopped. The whole house was filled with smoke."

After looking at home surveillance camera footage, it became very apparent to him what happened.

A person was seen standing in the street in front of his home, lighting fireworks and then throwing them at his front door. A doorbell camera caught the series of explosions.

"There was literally a fire right here for 15 seconds," Khan said pointing at his doorstep. "If our doormat was fabric, it definitely would have caught on fire. But since it was rubber, it didn't catch on fire and I think that saved us a lot of mishaps."

When he started to connect the dots, Khan said he realized the same thing happened about two weeks before. The loud explosions were on the side of his home at that time where he does not have cameras.

"Since it happened, the first time as well, it felt like someone was literally targeting us," Khan said.

He does not know who the person in the video is or why they would have chosen his home. His house is the only one with surveillance cameras in that area.

The Harris County Sheriff's Office said the person behind it is believed to be a juvenile.

"I think he might have thought this was a prank, but when he actually sees the video and how people are reacting to him... because I have shared it over to Facebook as well, and every single person has said this is not a prank with the amount of fireworks he threw," Khan said.

Khan wants to get the message out to this person so they stop before they are hurt.

"That person could have been lucky with me that he didn't get shot or anything like that. But it could be that if he tried that with anybody else who was by the door, they would literally shoot him back and it's a scary thing," he said.