PHOTOS: Off the Field 16th Annual Players' Wives Fashion Show

<div class="meta image-caption"><div class="origin-logo origin-image ktrk"><span>KTRK</span></div><span class="caption-text">Tootsies hosted Off the Field, 16th Annual Players' Wives Fashion Show on Friday, Feb. 3, 2017, during Super Bowl week in Houston. (Scylla Lopez)</span></div>
It was all about the trend zone at Tootsies for the 16th Annual Players' Wives Association Fashion Show. Football and high fashion collided for this exclusive event with current and former NFL superstars and their wives.

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Off The Field Players' Wives Association is a network of women comprised of active and retired NFL players' wives that works on various fundraisers and charity events around the nation.

A percentage of this event's proceeds will benefit Off The Field Players' Wives Association and a portion goes to Houston's homeless youth through Covenant House.

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Off the Field Players' Wives, with their significant others, and the teams they're best known for:

Diatra James - Phillip James - New Orleans Saints
Nyesha Cavil - Ben Cavil - Baltimore Ravens
Tamara Davidson - Kenneth Davidson - Houston Oilers ('94-'95), Cincinnati Bengals ('96)
Wiande Everett - Kevin Everett - Buffalo Bills
Gussie Fuller - Randy Fuller - Seattle Seahawks
Kamica Hampton - Casey Hampton - Pittsburgh Steelers
Meko Smith - Lance Smith - STL/Phoenix Cardinals ('85-'93), NY Giants ('94-'96)
Andetria Hampton - Rodney Hampton - NY Giants
Michelle Melecio-Taylor - Bobby Taylor - Philadelphia Eagles ('95-'03) Seattle Seahawks ('04)
Asha Still - Devon Still - Houston Texans
Christine Cobb - Trevor Cobb - Chicago Bears

Aja Hamlin - Kenneth Hamlin - Seattle, Seahawks ('03-'06), Dallas Cowboys ('07-'09), Baltimore Ravens ('10), Indianapolis Colts ('10)
Amber Newman - LeMarcus Newman - SF 49ers
Ashley Brown - Ray Brown - coach: Carolina Panthers
Latasha Wilson-Batch - Charlie Batch - Pittsburgh Steelers
Sherice Brown - Tim Brown - LA/Oakland Raiders ('88-'03) Tampa Bay Buccaneers ('04)
Kristel Demps - Quintin Demps - Houston Texans
Chrystal Jakes - Van Jakes - Green Bay Packers
Dawn Neufeld - Ryan - Buffalo Bills
Janet Dorsett - Tony Dorsett - Dallas Cowboys ('77-'87) Denver Broncos ('88)
Shelby Wyman - Devin Wyman - NE Patriots
Tamla Groce - Clifton Groce - Cincinnati Bengals
Kisha Beard-Rogers - Shaun Rogers - NY Giants
Tammara McDonald - Ricardo McDonald - Denver Broncos
Aikisha Holly - Willie Colon - Steelers ('06-'12) NY Jets ('13-'15)
Kathy Tillman - Lewis Tillman - Chicago Bears
Ketonya Bankston - Michael Bankston - Cincinnati Bengals
Chandra Hollier - Dwight - Miami Dolphins ('92-'99) Indianapolis Colts ('00)

Dr. Heather Brown - Eric Brown - Houston Texans
Jessica Beachum - Kelvin Beachum - Jacksonville Jaguars
Iman Farrior - James Farrior - Pittsburgh Steelers
Angela Maxie - Brett Maxie - coach: Tampa Bay Buccaneers
Nicole Norman - Chris Ivory - Jacksonville Jaguars
Misty Whitaker-Jones - Garrick Jones - Texans ('03-'05), Atlanta Falcons ('06)
Sharon Sanders - Ricky Sanders - Atlanta Falcons
Amanda Weeks - Jon Weeks - Texans
Alissa Jones - Corey Moore - Texans
Tiffany Starks - Max Starks, IV - Pittsburgh Steelers ('04-'12), St. Louis Rams ('13)
Alison Johnson - Brent Johnson - Chicago Bears
Beverly Lofton - James Lofton - Green Bay Packers ('78-'86), Philadelphia Eagles ('93), coach: SD Chargers ('02-'07), Oakland Raiders ('08)
Olivia Johnson - Jeremy Hopkins
Sondra Williams - Trent Williams - Washington Redskins
Kristina Rucker - Mike Rucker - Carolina Panthers
Raquel Jones - Selwyn Jones - Denver Broncos
Rachel McKenzie - Mike McKenzie - GB Packers ('99-'04), NOLA Saints ('04-'09)
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