How to make your workouts a family affair

Make your workouts a family affair
You can still get your workout in when the kids are around!

HOUSTON, Texas (KTRK) -- Any mom knows that working out with your kids is hard. You can barely get the reps in, so instead of trying to do your own regimented workout or skipping it altogether, personal trainer and founder Courtney Wyckoff says to include the kids in your workout fun!

Friday morning on ABC13 Eyewitness News, Samica Knight introduces you to a busy home mom who's dancing her way to fitness.

For these workouts, you'll need a mat or another soft surface, paper crumpled into balls and/or paper airplanes and a rolled up towel. Do each exercise for one minute:

  1. Bunny hop punches - Kids hop with you like bunnies and have them alternate punch with you, too. Hop all around the house!
  2. Plank V - Have your little kiddo on your back while you start in a small downward dog and then move into a full plank. Repeat over and over. Make sure to brace your core. Have babies on their backs under you, too!
  3. Dodgeball squats - Jump in a potty squat down the mat and have your kids throw paper balls or airplanes at you as if you are a moving target. Try to dodge them, but deliberately let them hit you once in a while!
  4. Dead bug belly blast - Lie on your back with your rolled up towel under your tailbone and your legs in a tabletop position. Open arms and legs and then close together, bracing as hard as you can. Your child can either be a dead bug with you and do the exercise by your side, or he or she can lie on top of you and giggle away.
  5. Crab race with dips - In a tabletop position, crab walk in a square around the room. After every fifth crab walk, do 5 tricep dips. Tell your kids to race you in their own crab walks OR have them try to throw the paper balls and have it land in your belly.

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