Family forgives person who murdered elderly woman in Acres Homes: 'Go get some help'

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Thursday, August 26, 2021
Family to suspect in elderly woman's death: 'Go get some help'
Doris Williams' cause of death was unknown but a medical examiner now ruled she died from blunt force injuries. Her family's pleading with her killer to turn himself to get help.

HOUSTON, Texas (KTRK) -- A 71-year-old woman found dead inside her home on Aug. 19 did not die of natural causes.

The medical examiner said Doris Williams died from multiple blunt force injuries. Her family and friends said she was a loving grandmother and a cherished community member in the Acres Homes neighborhood. Houston Police Department investigators are now looking into her death as a homicide, and those closest to her said they're praying for the killer.

"We just found out today my sister was beaten to death," said Benny Cloud, who is Williams' younger brother.

Six days after she was found dead inside her home, he learned something he feared had come true.

"We thought something like this might come. We were hoping it didn't happen... Hoping to avoid it," Cloud said.

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"This was wrong. This was a loving lady, man," said Terrance LayFinn.

LayFinn's a family friend and neighbor who was helping Cloud clean out the house. He said Williams' death was a wake-up call for their community.

"These are our grandmothers and great-grandmothers that are dying a horrible death. They should not have to do that, but no one cares anymore what happens to our elders. There's been a great loss of respect," he said.

That loss may have led to the death of a woman described as loving, helpful, and devout Jehovah's Witness. Now, faith is leading her family to move past their hurt and anger.

"Spiritually, I have already had to forgive him. He needs help. He needs help," Cloud said.

Investigators have not identified a suspect, but Cloud said he knows who is responsible and shared a message for that man.

"Do the right thing. Turn yourself in. Go get you some help before they take your life. If you try to do anything violent to somebody else, it could cost you your life. Nobody wants a life for a life," Cloud said.

The Cloud family continues to grieve as they try to avoid another tragedy.