Here's how you can land a job in the El Campo and Wharton communities

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Thursday, November 19, 2020
Companies in El Campo and Wharton hiring right now
There are about 50 job openings with roles in the education, construction and law enforcement industries.

WHARTON, Texas (KTRK) -- The El Campo and Wharton areas may be known for agriculture, but there are job opportunities in other industries as well.

El Campo Lost Lagoon features a place to park an RV, stay overnight in a cabin, and get plenty of pool time. It's a great place to not only unwind, but to find a job.

"As of right now, we're looking for some weekend help," El Campo Lost Lagoon owner, Stephen Lucas, explained. "When we get around the March season, our summer season, we're going to hire up to 50 employees."

There are a number of other companies in El Campo and Wharton looking for employees as well. On Thursday, ABC13 partnered with Workforce Solutions to host a virtual job fair.

The pay ranges from $10 to $26 an hour. There are about 50 job openings in the education, construction and law enforcement industries.

"Employers are still hiring," Workforce Solutions office manager, Mark Castillo, explained. "They're still looking. There's still a need for employees."

Workforce Solutions is normally a place El Campo and Wharton neighbors could go to find a job, but the pandemic has forced the agency to close its doors to the public.

Although you can't go, the agency still offers support from resumes, interviews and adult education.

"We are still assisting customers as if the office was open," Castillo said. "It's all being done virtually or over the phone."

If you want to look at the job fair positions, click here.

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