No One Loves El Campo Football More Than Gene "Pee Wee" Wier

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Friday, November 20, 2020
Meet El Campo's Most Dedicated Football Fan
81 year old Gene "Pee Wee" Wier is one of El Campo Football's most loyal and dedicated fans. From his playing days in high school to bringing his whole family to games, Wier proves "once a Ricebird, always a Ricebird".

EL CAMPO (KTRK) -- "Once a Ricebird, always a Ricebird".

81-year-old Gene "Pee Wee" Wier grew up loving football in El Campo. He played for the Ricebirds when he was in high school, and has since become the team's most dedicated fan.

Wier has been to more than 100 games over the years. He will cheer on the team through losses, illness, even in pouring rain. He is always the first one in the stands. His home even backs up to the football field, where he can watch the game without even leaving his yard!

Wier has high hopes for the team as they make their playoff run this fall. Wier will be there every step of the way, adding "I'll keep doing it until I die."