Unlicensed cosmetic clinician 'MrInjector1' back in jail less than 24 hours after posting bond

Saturday, April 20, 2024
Illegal butt injections in Pasadena: 'MrInjector1' returns to jail after posting bond for illegal butt and Botox-like injections
Dustin David Moore violated his probation when he was arrested and charged with providing illegal cosmetic injections in Pasadena, prosecutors said.

HOUSTON, Texas (KTRK) -- A League City woman says she sounded the alarm about "MrInjector1," or Dustin Moore, years ago.

Moore, who does not have a medical license, is accused of giving illegal butt and Botox-like injections, some of which caused victims to suffer harmful side effects.

Only ABC13 was there when Moore was arrested at his Pasadena office on Wednesday. He appeared in court on Friday.

"They do not know what's being injected into them, and in some cases, they are being told one thing, and it's not, and they are getting gravelly ill and sick in a lot of cases." prosecutor Sheila Hansel explained of the Harris County District Attorney's Office Consumer Fraud Division.

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In 2019, Jenna, who requested that her last name be withheld, filed a complaint against Moore with the Texas Medical Board. She shared photos of her face with ABC13, post-injection, which show swelling and greatly exaggerated features.

"He mauled me. He assaulted me," she said. "It looks horrible."

She has no idea what he injected into her and has had two surgeries to remove it, she said. In 2020, TMB took action, and Moore agreed to a cease-and-desist order, which was posted online.

In the order, Moore is prohibited from practicing medicine without a license.

"He never did," Jenna said. "I hate that it happened to other women, but I guess that's exactly what had to happen for people to take notice of it."

The 42-year-old, who calls himself "MrInjector1" on social media, did not respond to ABC13's questions when he was arrested or outside the courtroom Friday. His attorney also declined to comment.

Moore was initially charged with aggravated assault, causing serious bodily injury, and three counts of practicing medicine without a license, two of which were dismissed Friday because the statute of limitations had expired.

However, on Friday, Moore also found himself back in jail. He was on probation for choking an ex-girlfriend, and the new charges were a violation of his probation.

His new bond was set at $80,000, which he posted Friday afternoon. As a bond condition, he must wear an ankle monitor and is not allowed to be near his alleged victims.

Investigators said more charges are possible as more victims continue to come forward.

Earlier this week, Eyewitness News spoke with Brianne Griego, who sued Moore for what he did to her. Griego was a competitive bodybuilder in 2020, and she went to Moore for what she thought was name-brand filler.

She said Moore injected her backside, and then the painful side effects started. Griego said she experienced bruising, swelling, hard nodules in the injection site, hair loss, and severe weight loss.

A biopsy showed that instead of an FDA-approved filler, Griego had been injected with a silicone-like substance. Since then, Griego is now healthy and has been working with the FDA and investigators.

"I literally was just so miserable that I wanted to kill myself, and that was not an exaggeration. I did not look like myself. I did not feel like myself. I couldn't even sit and have a conversation like I'm having with you right now because I was winded," Griego said.

Meanwhile, the Houston Police Department is still investigating Moore.

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