New video shows moment wounded driver crashed into shipping container at repair shop

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Monday, May 15, 2023
Driver shot after car rally dies after slamming into cars: Deputies
Investigators believe the driver may have been racing with another vehicle before being shot. More answers are expected after they speak to the passenger.

HARRIS COUNTY, Texas (KTRK) -- A driver died after being shot and then crashing into several vehicles and a storage container on the Eastex Freeway in northeast Harris County, deputies said.

The shooting happened at about midnight Monday in the 11300 block of the Eastex Freeway.

A truck arrived at the scene early Monday to flip the truck after the driver slammed into a shipping container. Miraculously, the passenger in the truck survived.

The black truck was going northbound on the freeway when shots were fired. The driver then took an exit and lost control of the truck, slamming into a shipping container, authorities said.

The general manager of Eastex Collision Repair, which is right off US-59 at Hartwick Drive, sent ABC13 new surveillance video of the crash.

In that footage, you can see the moment the truck leaves the feeder road and then flips multiple times before finally slamming into a shipping container.

Investigators believe the driver and passenger may have been racing with a red four-door car, possibly a Ford, when shots were fired. The truck hit several cars in the repair lot before finally coming to a stop.

Surveillance video appears to show that the passenger managed to get out and bystanders ran over to help.

According to the general manager of the repair shop, a security guard called 911. He also said an 18-wheeler smashed into the lot a year and a half ago.

Investigators told us there are bullet holes in the tailgate, and the driver was shot twice and taken to a hospital in Kingwood, where he died.

Harris County Sheriff's Office investigators are looking into whether an altercation with another driver may have started at a car rally that was happening down the road at a Home Depot.

"We don't know if for sure another car was there or after they left that the altercation occurred. We haven't had a chance to interview the passenger at this point," Sgt. Ben Beall said.

The driver who died has not yet been identified but authorities say he was in his 20s.

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