Did a small tornado hit Deer Park? Some residents think so

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Thursday, June 3, 2021
Did a small tornado hit Deer Park? Some residents think so
Storm aftermath: As residents work together to clear the damage from Thursday's storms, some say it's all too similar to last year's tornado.

DEER PARK, Texas (KTRK) -- Residents in Deer Park are working to clean up the damage left behind by the severe weather that went through the area on Thursday.

Some believe a small tornado blew through the area as the damage is similar to the one from last year's tornado.

WATCH: Moment storms plowed through Deer Park

We've seen images of the damage, but Deer Park police shared this video, showing the moment the storms in the area picked up.

"Last summer, another tornado came through and did the exact same thing," said Deer Park resident Danny Painter, who has lived in the area for eight years.

While Painter says his home did not sustain any damage, his neighbor was not as fortunate.

"My neighbor's roof is inside of my yard, so a little bit," Painter said.

WATCH: Storms rip through New Caney neighborhood

Storms ripped through a New Caney neighborhood as rain hit the Houston area on Wednesday, June 2.

But Painter's neighbor is not the only one. Mark McGuire with AO1 Roofing said they've received calls of multiple roof damage in the area.

"We knew a storm was coming in, but we didn't know the extent of it until there were some roofs blown off in the area," McGuire told ABC13.

Footage of the area showed downed trees and a pit that Painter said was dragged through the area again.