David Temple, former Katy-area coach convicted of killing pregnant wife in 1999, sentenced to life

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Friday, April 21, 2023
David Temple sentencing brings 24-year murder saga to a close
A lifetime in prison awaits a former football coach twice convicted of killing his wife.

HARRIS COUNTY, Texas (KTRK) -- A Katy man twice convicted of murdering his pregnant wife, during what authorities say was a staged burglary more than 24 years ago, was sentenced to life in prison.

On Friday, jurors spent about two hours deliberating before sentencing David Temple to life in prison. He remained stoic as the judge read their decision.

"He's more resigned to it than anybody else," defense attorney Stanley Schneider said. "He's calmer than all the people care about him."

David Mark Temple, 54, was convicted in August 2019 for a second time for killing his wife, Belinda. But that jury could not decide on a sentence, prompting a judge to declare a mistrial. Prosecutors sought a life prison term, and on Friday, they got that.

Authorities said Belinda Temple, 30, was fatally shot in her home on Jan. 11, 1999, in what was initially believed to be a burglary.

Prosecutors later accused David Temple of staging the burglary at his suburban Houston home and fatally shooting his wife, a high school teacher who was eight months pregnant, because he was having an affair. David Temple later married the woman he'd been seeing.

She eventually filed for divorce in the middle of his retrial in 2019.

Belinda's brother was in the courtroom Friday and had some last words for David Temple from the stand.

"You are despicable. I want you to think about this every day for the rest of your life in prison. You completely ruined our family, you ruined your family. You deprived that. Nobody else deprived that, none of these jurors, you made that decision," Brian Lucas said.

Belinda's twin, Brenda Lucas, sat in the courtroom and told David Temple that he took her best friend away from her.

"David, you not only took Belinda away from me. You took away my niece I never got to meet and watch grow up. Belinda should be here. Belinda should be teaching and enjoying life with family and friends," Brenda said.

Prosecutors, who felt a sense of relief, spoke with jurors after the decision was made.

"At least one of the jurors spoke for several of them, saying the lack of remorse and lack of acceptance of responsibility was important to them, and that makes sense," prosecutor Bill Turner said.

Schneider said he and David Temple's family are disappointed with the jury's decision. They plan to appeal on several grounds.

"Hopefully, we will pick a fourth jury in the next two years," Schneider said.

The attorney called David and Belinda Temple's son, who is now in his 20s, the "true victim."

"He believes his father is innocent," Schneider said. "He has stood by his father's side. He will stand by his father's side as we continue on."

In addition to life in prison, David Temple must pay a $10,000 fine.

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The former football coach was 30 years old when he murdered his wife in their Katy home. He was convicted in 2019 and has waited years to find out his punishment. This year, he turns 55.

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