True crime writer remembers Belinda Temple after husband found guilty in her 1999 murder

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Wednesday, August 7, 2019
Crime writer remembers pregnant wife killed by husband
"Shattered" author Kathryn Casey says she thought about Belinda Temple as the guilty verdict came down against David Temple.

HOUSTON, Texas (KTRK) -- Belinda Temple was loved by everyone. As a special education teacher, she touched many lives.

Author Kathryn Casey has written about Belinda's life and murder in her book, "Shattered."

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"People just loved her," Casey said. "She just kind of had this energy, this exuberance in the classroom. The kids loved her, her co-workers. She just had a way of connecting with people."

Her legacy is left in the lives she touched.

"She just really had a way of making good friends. A lot of people I talked to she'd known since high school and college. They kept in touch," Casey said. "A lot of them had expressed doubts about David early on, but she defended him."

TIMELINE OF DAVID TEMPLE TRIAL: Twists and turns from 1999 killing to 2019 verdict

The murder of Belinda Temple: Timeline

She had a son, Evan, who was 3 at the time of her murder.

Andy Kahan with Crime Stoppers has remained close with Belinda's family.

Kahan says despite her family's efforts to reach out to Evan, he has not been in contact with them since her murder. Rather, Evan has remained close with David Temple's side of the family.

The crime writer thought about Belinda's last moments as the verdict came down.

WATCH: Belinda's family react to David Temple's guilty verdict

Belinda's family react to guilty verdict for David Temple

"All I thought about was Belinda and the last moments of her life, and what it must have been like walking into the door of her home with her little boy probably upstairs sleeping, and her husband greeting her with a shotgun," Casey said.

Now Belinda's memory will continue in the pages of Casey's book and in the memories of the people who knew and loved her most.

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