Criminal catfishing: Baytown woman accused posing as her boyfriend to send threats to herself

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Saturday, December 2, 2017
Woman accused of posing as her boyfriend to send threats to herself
Baytown woman accused of posing as her boyfriend to send threats to herself, Erica Simon reports.

HOUSTON, Texas (KTRK) -- In a case of catfishing going sinister, a Baytown woman is accused of falsely alleging that her boyfriend threatened to kill her and then using fake social media accounts to make it look like he was making new threats every time he was released from jail.

Lisa Marie Garcia, 22, was taken into custody Thursday on charges of retaliation and three counts of online harassment.

According to charging documents, Garcia first accused her boyfriend, Brandon Berrott, of threatening her back in September. Investigators noted Berrott has children with Garcia and with another woman.

Documents stated Garcia then used fake social media accounts posing as Berrott to send threats to both her and the other mother of his child as soon as he was released on bail.

Each time bond was posted, the threats were written, Garcia would show them to authorities, and Berrott would return to jail for violating the terms of his bail, which included contact with Garcia.

At least seven charges were filed against Berrott in a 10-day span in late October.

The charges caused Berrott to lose his job with Goose Creek ISD's warehouse, according to documents.

However, Garcia's accusations against her boyfriend would unravel. Investigators said Garcia continued to send threats even as Berrott was cooperating with their investigation. Investigators even determined that Berrott couldn't have sent one threat at the same time that he was in custody.

In addition, investigators said Garcia made an unfounded accusation of bribery against Berrott's mother and the Baytown judge presiding over her boyfriend's case. She claimed the judge was being paid off to allow Berrott to bail out of jail.

Garcia was due in Harris County Probable Cause Court this morning. Her bond was set at $10,000.

Counts of retaliation, terroristic threat, and protective order violation against Berrott were dismissed.

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