ABC13 anchor Melanie Lawson's COVID-19 story gets national attention

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Tuesday, December 15, 2020
Melanie Lawson tells her COVID-19 story to Inside Edition
ABC13 anchor Melanie Lawson opened up to Houston viewers about battling COVID-19. She gave more insight to "Inside Edition" about what she experienced.

HOUSTON, Texas (KTRK) -- ABC13 anchor Melanie Lawson's journey with COVID-19 is making national headlines.

Lawson was featured on Monday's episode of 'Inside Edition' after she shared her story of testing positive for the virus.

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"COVID-19 didn't even cross her mind," said a reporter.

In an interview with Inside Edition's Steven Fabian, Lawson said she was doing everything she could to protect herself from the virus.

"I'm wearing my mask, washing my hands, I'm not around anybody who's been sick," she said.

Lawson hopes the Houston community will listen to her story and will continue to follow the guidelines laid out by health officials.

"Do you have this feeling, like, 'Man, I did everything right ... how did this happen?'" Fabian asked.

"I was blown away because I have to tell you, I haven't been to a restaurant in probably since March except to pick up food," said Lawson. "I haven't been to the store, our church services are now online so I haven't been to church. I thought I'd be the last person to be exposed."

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ABC13 Anchor Melanie Lawson shares her experience battling COVID-19 with ABC13 anchor Chauncy Glover after finding out she tested positive for the virus from her doctor.

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