ABC13 Anchor Melanie Lawson shares her COVID-19 experience

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Friday, December 11, 2020
ABC13 Anchor Melanie Lawson shares her COVID-19 experience
"I haven't been in a restaurant in months. Even our church services are online. When my doctor said 'You have it', I was floored."

HOUSTON, Texas (KTRK) -- We've reported daily on the coronavirus this past year, the most deadly pandemic in a century.

We've talked about testing, treatments, the victims and of course, the growing number of people infected.

But there's nothing more surreal than finding out you are one of the statistics and hearing those dreaded words - 'You're positive.'

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ABC13 Anchor Melanie Lawson shares her experience battling COVID-19 with ABC13 anchor Chauncy Glover after finding out she tested positive for the virus from her doctor.

For me, it started more than three weeks ago with an annoying cough. I didn't think anything of it, since I always have seasonal allergies. When someone suggested I get tested for COVID-19, I thought 'No way.' I wear a mask all the time, wash my hands and social distance.

I haven't been in a restaurant in months. Even our church services are online.

So when my doctor said 'You have it,' I was floored.

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I immediately self-quarantined. Then my symptoms got worse.

I battled headaches and body aches, a runny nose and some congestion. I also had an upset stomach. It felt more like a bad cold or a mild flu.

The worst symptom for me was fatigue. I was so exhausted, I could hardly climb out of bed. And the strangest sensation? I lost my sense of taste and smell, so everything tasted like cardboard. Thankfully, I had no fever or problems breathing, which are among the most serious symptoms COVID-19 patients can face.

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As the vaccine's arrival in Texas comes closer to being a reality, there are still questions we are working to answer.

As a reporter, I thought I knew a lot about the virus. But I learned a few things.

Even if you're doing everything right, you can still get COVID-19, although doctors have said that wearing a mask may have helped keep it milder. You may never know how you got it. I certainly wasn't at any super-spreader events.

Pay close attention to your body, because COVID affects everyone differently. I took my temperature often and monitored my oxygen levels. That will tell you if you need to seek medical attention or go to the hospital.

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Here's what worked for me. Take lots of naps. You almost have no choice since your body will shut down. Drink lots of fluids, especially water and tea.

In addition to over-the-counter meds for my headaches and body aches, I also took vitamin C, D, zinc and ginger.

I'm blessed and grateful that I wasn't sicker, that I was able to get tested and recover at home for more than two weeks.

Please know that this is serious stuff, and we still don't know how long the effects can last. Wearing a mask and social distancing really does make a difference. It helps protect you and those around you.

I definitely want to thank those people who reached out to me and checked on me.

I'm feeling much better, and I'm so grateful for that.

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