COVID-19 testing slowed after sites close amid Hurricane Hanna impact

HOUSTON, Texas (KTRK) -- Even though Hanna moved quickly over south Texas, Gov. Greg Abbott warned the robust testing for COVID-19 could be slowed down because of the storm's impact.

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In Houston, Delmar and Butler Stadium sites closed Saturday due to weather concerns.

But, Abbott said people should not let the storm lead to more deadly events by spreading COVID-19.

The state has been trying to avoid opening shelters, groups of people gathering in a designated building. Many shelters opened in the southern part of the state for people affected by the hurricane, but it wasn't clear Sunday how many people sought refuge.

Abbott said the military would step in to help with storm recovery and with COVID-19 testing.

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"The military division operated testing teams to make sure that we will be able to continue to provide COVID-19 tests that are needed to help secure the region to prevent the spread," said Abbott. "The Texas military division will also be working to sanitize shelters where people may be sheltering in place, the same way the Texas military division sanitized nursing homes."

In the Houston area, FEMA sponsored testing sites closed Sunday but were set to reopen Monday.

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