Alzheimer's Association, Houston nonprofit, hit by wire thieves

Monday, July 5, 2021
Alzheimer's Association, Houston nonprofit, hit by wire thieves
While whoever stole the wiring could get about $4,000 for it, the nonprofit's CEO said it's going to take about $25,000 to replace everything and it makes him sick to his stomach.

HOUSTON, Texas (KTRK) -- Last week, thieves broke into the Alzheimer's Association building in southeast Houston and cut off the power before stealing about 300 feet of copper wiring, according to the nonprofit's CEO.

And the criminals didn't stop there. They returned Friday night, busted through the gate and stole the outdoor furniture.

"When they were here, they liked the outdoor furniture that we had, so they stole a set that members of the community use when it's pleasant outside," said Richard Elbein, the CEO.

Elbein said he anticipates repairs before the middle of next week and hopes to have the office running again by July 12.

He said police told him that the people responsible for the crime must have been professionals.

"They probably sold them for scrap," said Elbein. "An electrician said they might get $4,000 for them, and we'll spend more than $25,000 to replace them."

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