This Texas county ranks as No. 1 destination for people relocating from California

Californians are trading Hollywood stars for the stars at night that are big and bright deep in the heart of Texas

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Monday, October 18, 2021
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More people appear to be leaving the Golden State for the Lone Star State. ABC13's Jeff Ehling wanted to know why.

HOUSTON, Texas -- The Hollywood-to-Houston population pipeline is overflowing, a new study suggests.

Harris County ranks as the No. 1 destination for people relocating to Texas from California, according to a StorageCafé data analysis. The No. 1 place of origin? Los Angeles County, home to Hollywood.

Among California counties, Harris County attracted the most new arrivals from Los Angeles County in 2019 (3,263), followed by San Diego County (840), and Riverside County (698).

Why are Californians swapping the West Coast for the Gulf Coast? A prime reason appears to be housing costs. The analysis shows the median price difference in 2020 between a home in Los Angeles County and a home in Harris County was $482,010. And even though they're paying less for a home in Harris County, L.A. transplants are gaining a median 577 square feet in additional space.

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The video above is from an April 6, 2021 report on Californians leaving the Golden State for the Lone Star State.

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