Bullet flies into Houston woman's home 3 feet from where she was napping: 'It could have hit me'

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Friday, May 26, 2023
Bullet flies into woman's home feet from where she was napping
A Houston woman was taking a nap in her home when a bullet came flying in just feet away from her.

HOUSTON, Texas (KTRK) -- A Houston woman's weekend turned into a scary situation when a bullet came flying through her home.

Police say the bullet was discharged accidentally by her neighbor two doors down. As of Thursday, a spokesperson with HPD confirms no one has been charged or cited in the case.

We're told the case is being looked at by the patrol division and major assaults division to determine if the homeowner could face consequences.

"I was scared, of course, because it could have hit me," Megan Sircy, whose home was shot into, said.

Sircy and her dog Theo were taking a nap on Saturday afternoon at her townhome in the Memorial City area when she woke up to HPD knocking on the door to ask if she was OK.

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Her head was on a pillow at the time, just three feet away from where the bullet came in on her wall.

Police said her neighbor, who lives two doors down, had just returned from the gun range and took out their gun when it accidentally fired. HPD says the gun owner called the police to assure their neighbors were OK because when they went to check on them, no one answered their doors.

"I have my license to carry a handgun, so you know how to take care of your weapon. They said the neighbor accidentally discharged it, but how do you do that?" Sircy asked.

Thankfully, no one was harmed, but she acknowledges things could've had a much different outcome. Sircy says her leasing manager confirmed her neighbor is getting kicked out. She now has the holes through her walls and the bullet to tell the story.

The district attorney's office confirms that, at this point, they have not had this case come across their desk. We're told a similar case of accidental firing was previously charged as deadly conduct when a man was installing a new trigger on his rifle, and a bullet went flying into his neighbor's home.

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It's unclear if the person in this weekend's case will be cited or charged at this point. The case remains under investigation by the Houston Police Department.

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