Boling High School teacher's legacy of winning in FFA inspires students

BOLING, Texas (KTRK) -- When you walk into the FFA building at Boling High School, it looks like the Boston Garden with all the championship banners hanging from the ceiling.

A lot of that success is inspired by instructor G.W. Krasucky, who has been leading the program the last 14 years.

"We are the future of our community and he does a great way of shaping us, to make sure we do a good job out here in our community when we grow up." student Allison Jedlicka says.

Krasucky's main goal as a teacher is to help students achieve new heights after high school.

"Our goal and mission is ultimate success," Krasucky says, "whether it be in physical standpoint or form, where you actually want something, or just the fact that we are able to reach a certain group of kids or certain individual to make their life better."

Krasucky tries to go above and beyond when teaching students the ropes of FFA and will accept anyone into the program.

"I wasn't really an agricultural based kid. I never really had the opportunity to be in ag, but then Mr. K opened the door for me and it helped me through life." student Samantha Kalmus says.

Boling's agriculture program has been recognized statewide and has won a number of first-place banners.
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