Travel writer breaks down the appeal for Beyoncé fans buying concert and plane tickets

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Wednesday, September 27, 2023
Ready to Renaissance: Beyoncé's return to H-Town
In this ABC13 special "Beyoncé's Return to H-Town," we look at everything from the star's go-to spots when she's in the Bayou City to the rare, behind-the-scenes access our Melanie Lawson got traveling with Destiny's Child on tour to Australia nearly 20 years ago to what you need to know if you're going to the concert.

HOUSTON, Texas (KTRK) -- All week long, Eyewitness News is getting you ready for when the Renaissance hits Houston!

Beyonce's world tour is making two stops in her hometown over the weekend. ABC13 is covering every angle to get you in formation.

Travel writer Ariel Felton wrote an article for Conde Nast about how far fans are willing to go for this tour, both literally and financially.

She interviewed women about how they justified the cost of a ticket along with possible plans to travel to see Beyonce. Several American fans left the country to attend her international shows, and even more, may have booked a trip to Houston to see the queen perform at home.

Felton spoke with Eyewitness News to explain the "Beyconomics" of it all and why Beyoncé fans deserve to treat themselves.

You can watch her interview as part of the ABC13 special, "Ready to Renaissance: Beyoncé's return to H-Town," in the video player above.

We also spoke to writer Jordyn Holman about the economy built around these events featuring mega stars such as Beyoncé. You can find that interview below.

There's a whole economy around going to see Queen Bey. What's behind the spend for fans? We ask someone who's studied it.

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