Neighbors makeshift drive-thru in hopes of supporting favorite eatery

HOUSTON, Texas -- As the world continues to face a pandemic, residents are stepping up for those who risk losing it all.

Houston realtor David Atkins decided this was his opportunity to help encourage people to support a local restaurant as some others were forced to shut down due to COVID-19.

"Business is down 98%. He's had to close three out of his four stores," said Atkins about Bernie's Burger Bus.

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Atkins teamed up with the long-time local Houston eatery to host an event on Monday on the sidewalk of a neighborhood where people were able to preorder their food online, over the phone and even via text message.

"People are hurting we all need to support each other at this time we're all in this together," said Atkins.

The hope is that this gesture will go a long way. Not just helping to build business for the company, but encouraging others to do the same for anyone who is struggling during this time.

Just a few days earlier, Atkins and his daughter spent the day delivering cheeseburgers he picked up from Bernie's, and gifting them to friends and neighbors. He later went on to buy thousands of dollars in gift cards which he said he would not cash in.

In the greater Houston region, residents have been seen going above and beyond to support their favorite eateries around town.

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