Friendswood community comes together to help man in need during pandemic

FRIENDSWOOD, Texas (KTRK) -- Friends, neighbors and strangers came together on Good Friday for an unexpected act of kindness in Friendswood.

Mike Baldridge, 67, is the first to admit that he cannot cook.

"I can't even fry an egg," said Baldridge. "Now, I can read the box off the TV dinner, but you know after chicken with gravy or turkey with gravy, it all starts to taste the same."

Mike's wife, Sheryl, handled all the kitchen duties. The couple was married for 40 years. He described his wife as a big-hearted, kind and loving person.

"She's the most positive person you'd ever meet," said Baldridge. "She recently passed away. On top of that, we have this virus and we have to stay in our house. Since her death, I've been isolated."

Baldrige said the past year hasn't been easy. Friday morning, he heard his doorbell ring and walked outside.
"I was flabbergasted. I didn't know what to say or how to act," Baldridge said. "It made me feel good."

Extended friends put balloons up and stuck signs in his yard reading, "You are not alone. Jesus loves you, Mr. Mike," and "Friendswood loves you."

Courtney and Timmy Heard were among those who sprang into action.

"Now is a better time than ever to reach out to people and see who needs help around here," said Timmy Heard.

"This is just one person. There are tons of people in our city that we are called to," said Courtney. "Go and remind them. You're not alone. This is going to be okay. You're going to be okay. You're seen. You're not forgotten in the middle of this isolation."
As for Mike's inability to cook, some thoughtful teenagers arranged a fix through the Harvest Exchange Market. Jonathan McDuffie said the Lord prompted him to service.

"I reached out to my life group full of college students. We're like the broke kids," said McDuffie. "We raised about $300 to fund him for the next two and half months."

Baldrige told ABC13 that he's grateful for the kindness.

"It makes my heart warm. Makes me feel good," said Baldridge. "It makes me feel good that there are good people out there. It's overwhelming. I'm happy."

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