These coupon apps could help you save more money this tax-free weekend

Tax-free weekend for back to school has been around in Texas since 1999, and it's due to return Aug. 9-11.

You'll save about $8 for every $100 you spend, but these apps could boost your savings.

Coupon Sherpa

When you're at a mall, the app will show you every coupon available at every store. You just show the bar code at the store.


This app works in a similar way to Coupon Sherpa by finding store sales near you and sending them to your phone.


You can usually find the best deal on an app called Snip Snap. With this app, it allows you to scan, save and redeem printed coupons on your mobile phone so you don't have to carry a paper coupon.

Target's CartWheel app

You choose the savings that are offered on the app, then at check out, the savings are calculated!


With this app, just put in where you're shopping, and you can earn kickbacks like gift cards to Starbucks and Nike.

Another idea is to follow store social media pages to get special discounts and exclusive promotions.

Try creating a second email account dedicated just to stores and sales. The new email address could get you an additional 10 percent off this weekend. Plus, your main email won't get clogged with offers.

Don't forget tax-free shopping is good for online as well. You won't be able to score at clearance racks, but comparing prices is easier.

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