Stranger Danger: Man attempts to lure teens with cookies in Memorial Village, police say

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Monday, May 30, 2022
What to teach kids about self-defense
Your kids can never be too prepared for a self-defense situation.

HARRIS COUNTY, Texas (KTRK) -- A man attempted to lure two teenage girls into his car on Saturday afternoon, according to the Memorial Village Police Department.

The video above is from a 2017 report about what kids need to know about self-defense.

Police say the suspect approached teenagers in a 2014 Black Lexus Sedan, offered them cookies, and asked them to get in his car. When they refused, he drove away.

The suspect has not been located but is identified and described to be a Middle Eastern man, according to MVPD.

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"While this behavior is very concerning, at this time there has been no criminal violation. But, we do want to contact the driver and determine his motives," MVPD said in a Facebook post.

If you see the vehicle, a 2014 Black Lexus Sedan, bearing Texas license plate number KXM3930, you are urged to call the Hedwig station at 713-461-4797 or the MVPD at 713-365-3700.

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