ABC13's Art Rascon shares his COVID-19 experience

Thursday, January 14, 2021

HOUSTON, Texas (KTRK) -- My dear friends, loved ones, brothers and sisters. Soon after Christmas many of our family members in our social bubble in Houston came down with COVID-19. Fortunately, many experienced only mild symptoms. All who experienced more serious symptoms have been able to slowly suffer through the virus, and are doing well.

I have not been so fortunate. It has been a rough more than 2.5 weeks. The aches, pains, extreme fatigue and fever were terrible, but last Friday night I also began to experience breathing issues. On Saturday I was hospitalized and was released four days later. My breathing has improved only slightly. This will no doubt be a long process, but I am grateful for the small steps of progression.

So, at this time, I wish to express by extreme gratitude to friends, family, and my dear brothers and sisters in the Gospel of Christ, for their fervent faith-filled prayers on my behalf. This journey through COVID-19 has been difficult, yes, but a deeply spiritual experience for me as well. I have found myself pondering and in meditation during many of the very lonesome days of isolation. It's a beautiful blessing to be home where I can receive the loving care and companionship of my eternal sweetheart.

There is a divine purpose for all things and I'm confident that as we accept trials and challenges and allow them to change us for the better, we are always stronger in the end.

And to the many who continue to suffer from this virus, please know that our heartfelt prayers are with you. We have a deep sense of compassion for the many suffering and the millions affected as the result of the loss of life. God bless you. Be hopeful. Be positive. Be prayerful, and look to God for comfort. I promise you, He will provide. - Art


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