Bold burglars make entry through north Houston business' ceiling


Early Thursday morning, surveillance video captured a crook breaking into Extraordinary Wear on Lockwood Road. The cameras show the criminal smashing his way through the ceiling, stealing merchandise and then pulling the recorder's power source.

Owner Regina Smith hoped by sharing the footage, someone may recognize the thieves.

"Right now, I'm speechless. A lot of thoughts go across my mind, fed up, frustrated. I want want to know why? Why would someone do something like this?" said Smith. "I think they just don't really care. They don't care about life. They don't think of others. They're selfish."

Around 4:10am, video showed two men taking a close look at the store. A half hour later, shadows lurked behind the complex just moments before the bold break-in. Pictures showed the mess and hole left behind. Smith estimated they stole more than $1,000 worth of watches, cell phones and tablets.

In the same strip plaza, Supermarket owner Saad Ahmed recalled his own aggravation. He explained he's been hit more times than he'd like to count. Ahmed said thieves smashed through cinder blocks to get inside his store.

"It's crazy. Nighttime is crazy here and it's shouldn't happen to anybody," said Ahmed. "Please don't do this. These are hardworking people and they are just working 24/7 to make the butter and bread."

On Friday afternoon, the business owners channeled one hope that the thieves would be caught. The plaza owner stepped up and is offering $1,000 to anybody who can help solve the crimes.

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