Cut costs by creating centerpieces at home


Depending on the size and flowers used, our expert says a centerpiece can run $100 or more. If you have 10 tables that's already $1,000 of your budget just in flowers, but Deals host Kat Cosley says you can cut corners with class!

For this you can use real or synthetic petals and no one would know the difference. First, take some bullion wire and add a crystal to the bottom. You can find these at most second hand or thrift stores or purchase them from the craft store.

Wrap the top of the wire around a wooden stick and add your petals with double stick tape – the amount is up to you.

Clip the excess from the wooden stick and secure with hot glue. To finish just add ribbon!

To add drama you can add LED lights to the bottom! An elegant statement piece for about $15 each!

When using synthetic petals you can make them in advance with no stress!

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