Dan Patrick's response on Facebook


1. Patterson admits last night on TV he hired private detectives to look back 30 years into my life to find dirt on me.

2. They found a former employee of ours, out of hundreds, who says a manager, not me, hired him around 1984 as a dishwasher. Worker admits when required to fill out W4 employment forms he supplied false documents & social security number.

3. My Mom was my bookkeeper in 1984 and handled payroll. She is 87 and is greatly offended by this. She is a stickler to follow the rules & law and neither she nor I would knowingly hire anyone illegal. In 1984 there wasn't E-verify.

4. The worker's other allegations are false. He offers no proof on anything - just his memory from 30 years ago as an 18 year old person who falsified government documents.

5. Todd Staples piles on this attack and spreads Patterson sleezy political attack everywhere. This is the same Todd Staples who voted for in-state tuition, drivers licenses & FREE healthcare for illegals in 2001 & 2003 as a Senator.

He talks about a book he wrote on immigration but left these votes out. He has denied he cast these votes in debates on camera & in television interviews despite the fact his votes are in the official Senate record.

6. I am the only candidate with a record of fighting against illegal immigration as a Senator and will do so as Lt Gov. They cannot defeat me on my record so they attack me with last minute dirty political tricks that aren't true.

7. Do you want a Lt Gov who hires detectives to dig into people's backgrounds ? Do you want a Lt Gov who denies the truth about his voting record ? I think not.

8. Latest polling average: Dewhurst 32, Patrick 26, Staples 13 & Patterson 6. Now you know the reason for this last minute desperate personal attack. They have lost the political argument.

I hope you will let Jerry & Todd know by voting for me that this type of dirty political attack is not acceptable to you. It's the only way this type of sleezy politics will ever stop.

I'm focused on issues that are important to you and the future of Texas not dirty politics.

Isaiah 54:17 No weapon formed against you shall prosper

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God Bless, Dan

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