Flower meanings revealed to help choose perfect bouquet


According to the Flower Expert, these flowers take on very specific meanings. Who knew a bouquet could say so much more than I love you?

1. Red Roses: Make no mistake, red roses convey deep love, longing, or desire. The number of red roses also has a special meaning. If you give a dozen, you're saying "Be mine" and "I love you."

2. White Roses: White roses signify purity, chastity, and innocence. This is why they're often found in bouquets for first-time brides. White flowers can also show sympathy or spirituality.

3. Yellow Roses: Like many others, yellow roses do not symbolize romance. Instead, they exude joyful feelings of warmth and welcome.

4. Pink Roses: Although there are many variations of pink roses, light pink blooms show sweetness and innocence. Darker pink roses show deep gratitude and appreciation. Pink roses also connote elegance and grace.

5. Lavender Roses: If you believe in love at first sight, then lavender roses should be in your bouquet. They also express fascination and adoration. A deeper purple can also represent royalty.

6. Orange Roses: Unlike sunny yellow roses, orange roses are fiery. They can express intense desire. They're runners-up to red roses in showing passion and romance.

7. Black Roses: It's best to avoid these during Valentine's Day, as they convey death and farewell. Unless, you're breaking up with your significant other on the day of love.

8. Daisies are representative of loyal love. They also symbolize innocence and purity. Gerber daisies are popular for their cheerfulness.

9. Tulip: If you want to declare your love, send tulips. They not only represent love, but the perfect love. They can also symbolize fame.

10. Orchid: Beauty like no other deserves an orchid. They're for the exotic who are refined and feminine.

11. Carnations: They sometimes get a bad rap, but Carnations symbolize pride and beauty. Different colors of carnations take on different meanings, but red, pink, and white are all safe bets for Valentine's Day. Stay away from yellow as they symbolize rejection or disappointment.

12. Mums: If you're happy with someone and see a long future ahead together, a mum may be a good choice. They convey fidelity, optimism, joy, and long life.

13. Daffodils: The meanings change significantly depending on how many daffodils you give. One foretells a misfortune, while a bouquet shows joy and happiness.

14. Hydrangea: If you want to say thanks, do it with hydrangeas. They represent heartfelt emotions. They do have a negative connotation as well and can be associated with heartlessness.

15. Peony: The peony means happiness all around – whether it's a happy life or marriage. They also symbolize health and prosperity.

16. Sunflowers: Dedicated love deserves sunflowers. They also symbolize pure thoughts and adoration.

17. Lily: The beauty of a lily translates to its meaning of refined beauty and purity. The Calla Lily takes it to the next level with its meaning of magnificence.

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