Couple hits astounding weight loss goal


Jerry and Melissa Garza are like many of us. They own and run a business and homeschool their son, who is training for the US Olympic gymnastics team. In the midst of their hustle and bustle, they lost their health.

"The fast food on the go stuff is easy for us," Jerry says. Plus, exercise isn't a priority.

"I already have an issue with self confidence that I think most women have, which I've had my whole life," says Melissa. "I want people to say 'Wow!' and inspire them that if she did it, I can do it too." Now, they've had enough.

"We give so much of ourselves, and I think it's time to take some time for us," Jerry says.

They meet personal trainer and nutrition expert Dewayne Malone and get started. He recommends starting with before photos, measurements, and weight. "We've got to see where we start so we can look back and laugh about the whole situation," says Dewayne.

After they have a baseline, Dewayne discusses nutrition. "You're eating to fuel your body. If you don't eat breakfast you'll stay down here, storing fat," says Dewayne. "I'm all about portion control. Not to be strict on what you're eating but to make sure you're not over and under eating protein, carbs, and fat."

Dewayne tells them to get some necessary equipment: a food scale and measuring cups. Dewayne recommends five to seven measured, small meals a day.

For protein, choose lean meats, such as fish, chicken, turkey, or fat-free Greek yogurt. For carbohydrates, pick from rice, sweet potatoes, quinoa, rice or quinoa pasta, rice cakes, and oatmeal. Fruit is also a great source of carbs and nutrients. Go for healthy fats, such as almonds or other raw nuts, nut butters without the sugar, or avocado. Cook with less or no oil, season with less or no salt, drink a gallon of water a day, stay away from sweetened drinks.

Next, cardio. They'll be doing 45 minutes, six days a week, plus lifting weights at least two to three days per week. Try to perform at least 20 reps, with as challenging of weights as possible without losing form. Also, Dewayne recommends working out next to each other and alternate workouts, help each other with proper form, and cheer each other on.

In one month, Melissa loses 8.2 inches and 14 pounds! Jerry loses 12.1 inches and 19 pounds. After two months, Jerry loses 6.3 more inches, for a total of 18.4 inches. He also loses ten more pounds for a 29 pound weight loss overall.

After the first month, Dewayne recommends changing the tempo of the workouts: more weight and more reps. Even add some high intensity interval training, such as jumping jacks or jump squats in between exercises. Also, since they've lost a significant amount of weight, Dewayne cuts their calories a bit and changes their nutrition plan, so they keep losing.

After the second month, they continue to lose weight. Dewayne tweaks their nutrition and adds supplements. He recommends for them a multi-vitamin and a branch chain amino acid for before and after workouts to help the body recover and repair itself. He also ups the tempo and increases their weight.

The third month of Melisa and Jerry's weight loss journey, they go to pre-measured, pre-cooked meals based on their measurements, continue to be challenged in their resistance training, and increase their cardio to an hour or more a day.

After three months of following the plan together, Melissa loses a total of 23 pounds and 18.6 inches off her entire body! "I look in the mirror, and I don't recognize that girl yet," she says.

Jerry's goal was 175 pounds. He hits it. He also lost 20.5 inches in just three months!

"We feel like this is marriage counseling, like fitness marriage counseling. Don't cheat on your marriage and it will work. Don't cheat on your workout and your diet, and it's going to work," Jerry says.

Dewayne Malone is the owner of Against All Odds Fitness: 888-327-8510.

Melisa and Jerry started their own Facebook page to help support and motivate our viewers through their fitness journeys:

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