Goose Creek CISD special ed teacher charged, accused of hurting 6-year-old boy diagnosed with autism

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Wednesday, May 8, 2024
Goose Creek CISD special ed teacher causes 6-year-old's injuries: Docs
Goose Creek CISD said an elementary school special education teacher resigned after court documents allege he caused a 6-year-old's injuries.

BAYTOWN, Texas (KTRK) -- A Goose Creek CISD special education teacher is accused of injuring a 6-year-old diagnosed with autism and not getting him help.

Shaq Morales, a now-former teacher at Banuelos Elementary School, is charged with injury to a child.

The mother of the student spoke ONLY ON ABC13. She chose to stay anonymous for her son's protection.

"It is the ultimate betrayal," the mother said. "My son is partially verbal but still has trouble putting descriptions together. If there was anyone I trusted, it's the people there to help him in ways I can't help him."

The mother shared a photo of her son a few days after the alleged incident, where he is seen with bruises under his eyes and nose.

According to records, on April 18, a teacher's aide walked out of the classroom, and when she returned, the boy had a bloody nose and facial injuries.

Records state that the aid told Morales he needed to go to the nurse, but the teacher said the child was fine.

The mom told ABC13 that Morales emailed her the same day, saying her son fell and hit his face.

"I had no reason to doubt his teacher (and) no reason to be suspicious," the mother said.

Records state the teacher's aide still didn't believe the story and reported the teacher to the principal.

"I am eternally grateful for her," the mother said.

There are cameras in the classroom, and the incident was captured, according to records.

The 6-year-old was seen throwing a whiteboard, and then Morales allegedly walked up behind the student, grabbed him under his arm, and picked him up before throwing him to the floor and causing him to hit his face.

On Tuesday, other families outside the school expressed concerns about whether there were any other incidents. Goose Greek CISD did not respond when Eyewitness News asked.

"You expect the one place your child is safe in a school with his teacher," the mother said. "You never expect a teacher to hurt your child."

According to records, Morales has posted his $40,000 bond.

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