Could Lakewood shooting have been stopped? ABC13, Chronicle discuss shooter investigation's findings

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Wednesday, May 8, 2024
Lakewood shooting: Chron reporter talks with 13 about suspect's past
Houston Chronicle investigation uncovered Lakewood suspect Genessee Moreno's interactions with police and whether they could have stopped her rampage. Chron reporter Caroline Ghisolfi breaks down with ABC13 the takeaways her team gathered as part of the report.

HOUSTON, Texas (KTRK) -- This week, ABC13's news partner, the Houston Chronicle, released an exclusive, monthslong investigation into the Lakewood Church shooting, specifically the past of shooter Genessee Moreno.

Moreno's interactions with the criminal justice and government systems were investigated, as well as why active shooter "red flags" were not acted on to prevent the rampage.

After researching hundreds of 911 calls, court filings, government documents, and social media posts, along with interviewing family members and criminal justice experts, the Chronicle found that Moreno told police she wanted to shoot people. Authorities knew Moreno had a mental illness and that she was openly planning a mass attack.

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You can read the full investigation here, along with the Chronicle's takeaways, and an inside look at the investigation.

In the video above, Chronicle data reporter Caroline Ghisolfi discusses the findings and investigation with ABC13.

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